Our Founder, Mari Padilla is 1 of 4 hosts on the We Are Sacramento Podcast. We use our platform to bring awareness (and laughs) on topics such as news, sports, apps, and local events. We represent the people of our city. 


XILIA planned and executed a promotional merchandise launch for the We Are Sacramento Podcast to bring attention to our platform. We worked with our outsourcing partners to purchase blank t-shirts in bulk and screenprint our design on the front of the t-shirt and on the sleeve.

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 We Are Sacramento's goal was to execute a simple t-shirt to promote their podcast. 

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XILIA providing a merchandising plan which included information regarding print types & sales best practices.


XILIA provided visual examples of the t-shirt to ensure the design met We Are Sacramento's vision.

Executed high quality unisex promotional merchandise by working with our many outsourcing partners.  

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